This free ebook details VMware ESX Essentials in the Virtual Data Center.The VMware ESX server is vital to virtualization methods used to perform server consolidation, software development, test automation, legacy Windows migration, and more. Server virtualization can drastically cut business costs, and considering that there are few experts in the field, VMware ESX Essentials in the Virtual Data Center is an extremely valuable and distinctive resource. Virtualization is one of those IT buzzwords being thrown around the industry more and more lately, and unfortunately, it can have so many different meanings that it needs to be put into better context when discussed by so many different people. It was only about four years ago that the topic of virtualization itself was

thought of as some obscure, black art technology that only a handful of peoplecared about, and yet today, it is thought of as a mainstream “must have” technology for any IT organization. Server virtualization technology is a way of making a physical computer function as if it were two or more computers where each non-physical or “virtualized” computer is provided with the same basic architecture as that of a generic physical computer.

The authors present surprising new ways of using virtualization to accomplish tasks now performed at the physical level. All areas of business are examined, with text that features technical information and best practices, including business challenges and technology breakdowns to expedite effective allocation of time and resources.

Book Contents:-

1 Introduction to Server Virtualization

2 VMware’s Hypervisor Platform

3 VMware ESX Architecture

4 Installing VMware ESX Server

5 Virtual Machines

6 Interacting with VMware ESX

7 Console Operating System Explained

8 Networking

9 Storage

10 Advanced Features

11 Resource Management

12 Performance Optimization

13 Automating and Extensibility

14 Additional Useful Resources

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