The sequel to id Software's critically acclaimed Doom has invaded the PC with unbridled fury. Featuring improved 640x400 graphical resolution and more first-person shooting action, the objective of Doom II is quite simple: destroy, maim, shoot...and shoot some more. Although you begin with a military-issue pistol, you eventually have access to a small arsenal of weapons including shotguns, chain-guns, rocket launchers, plasma rifles and the aptly named BFG 9000.
Although supplied with proper weapons and a simple objective, destroying legions of butt-ugly freaks and demons will be an exercise in futility -- unless you're good enough. There are gun-toting humans-turned-zombies fighting for their new dark lord and savior, hellish imps and pig demons, invisible specters, flaming skulls known as Lost Souls and big balls of flying terror known as the Cacodemon. As you progress through each of the 30 levels, monsters get bigger, harder to kill and meaner: the Arch-Vile resurrects dead monsters, the Mancubus unleashes fireballs and the Spider Mastermind uses a flesh-ripping super chain-gun. Just when you think you've seen it all, there's a towering Cyberdemon -- he fires heat-seeking rockets -- to destroy.

Fortunately, there are a variety of special items and power-ups throughout each level including two types of defensive improvements: the Security and Combat armor. Whereas the Security Armor is a simple Kevlar vest, the Combat Armor is made of heavy-duty titanium. Although you may find one of these items, they eventually run out of use as you're constantly bombarded with enemy fire. You also come across radiation suits that protect your body from harmful toxins, rage-inducing berserk packs, back packs that increase the amount of ammunition your weapons can hold, computer maps and light amplification visors. Additionally, there is a variety of specialty items including health potions, medical packs, healing soul spheres, mega spheres (health and armor), invisibility artifacts and invulnerability. Needless to say, you'll need this stuff.In addition to multiple difficulty settings and configurable graphics and controls, Doom II features online support. You can challenge opponents via modem, LAN or a supported IPX protocol to a brutal, no holds barred deathmatch competition.

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