Download free Symantec pcAnywhere 12.5 Corporate Edition for remote access to any hosts in the network.It is the world's leading remote control solution. It lets you manage computers and resolve helpdesk issues quickly, and connect to remote devices simply and securely. And new gateway functionality enables remote users to quickly find the hosts they need through firewalls and routers with minimal setup.Symantec pcAnywhere combines a feature-rich, secure remote control solution with remote management and advanced file transfer capabilities to quickly resolve help desk and server support issues across multiple platforms. Symantec says that the new gateway and host invitation features address common connectivity challenges encountered by organizations and small businesses supporting multiple, remote devices.

Features :-

  • Offers heterogeneous host platform support across Windows; all hosts can also be accessed from Microsoft Pocket PC devices or Web browsers
  • Enables simple, secure connection to remote devices
  • Simplifies working across multiple platforms
  • Ensures high security with encryption and password protection

Smart card authentication

  • Supports all PC/SC-compliant smart cards.
  • Native whiteboard support provides a two-way communication tool for a technician and an end user to collaborate.

Simple and quick file transfer

  • Use standard copy and paste commands to initiate file transfer.

Easy management of multiple sessions

  • A dedicated tab displays thumbnails of all active sessions when multiple sessions are open.

Support for multiple authentication types

  • Now a single host configuration can use two authentication types. For example, Microsoft Active Directory users and local administrators can both authenticate to the same host.

Better performance in large Active Directory environments

  • Searching for users in large Active Directory environments is less time-consuming.

More log details to meet compliance needs

  • Logging, reporting, and notification have been enhanced. FQDN of computers in session, IP addresses, logged-in user names, keyboard and mouse status changes, and additional chat conversations are also logged.

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