This release of VirusScan Enterprise 8.7i contains defect fixes, incorporates the release of the 5300 scanning engine, and a number of features that improve performance of malware scanning and incorporates functional and usability improvements. Providing this new functionality required making architectural changes to the product infrastructure. While we have performed extensive testing to ensure that these changes don’t impact the overall stability of the product, we urge you to download this beta version, test all features in environments that are similar to your production environments, and provide us feedback to help us further improve the stability and quality of the release.

Improved local control of on-demand scans (ODS)
• Monitors battery state & full screen awareness then allows the end user to delay scheduled ODS when system is low on battery or during full screen presentations ODS usability improvements
• Right click ODS now prompts the user to choose to either (a) Clean any malware, or (b) Continue (report only). Enhanced system throttling
• Includes registry and memory scanning, in addition to file scanning Additional Access Protection Rules for virtual machines
• Prevents changes to the VMware settings and configuration, files and folders, and active processes New mail scanner
• Improved reliability with double-byte and multi-byte languages

Heuristic network check for suspicious files
This feature uses sensitivity levels that can be configured based on your risk tolerance, to look for suspicious files on your endpoints that are running VirusScan Enterprise 8.7i. When enabled, this feature detects a suspicious program and sends a DNS request containing a fingerprint of the suspicious file to McAfee Avert Labs which then communicates the appropriate action back to VirusScan Enterprise 8.7i. The real-time defense feature also provides protection for classes of malware for which signatures might not be available. This protection is in addition to the world-class DAT-based detection VirusScan Enterprise has always provided. The user experience remains the same and no additional client software is required. In this release, this optional feature is available only for on-demand scans and email scanning and is disabled by default. You must select a sensitivity level to enable the feature. We encourage you to try out this feature and provide us valuable feedback so that we can continue to enhance our industry leading malware protection capabilities. See the New Features tab and the Product Guide for more details.

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