CCNA Semester 1 v3.1.1 Networking Basics is the first of four courses leading to the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) designation. CCNA Semester 1 introduces Cisco Networking Academy Program students to the networking field. CCNA certification validates the ability to install,configure,operate,and troubleshoot medium-size routed and switched networks, including implementation and verification of connections to remote sites in a WAN.

The course focuses on the following:-

Network terminology

Network protocols

Local-area networks (LANs)

Wide-area networks (WANs)

Open System Interconnection (OSI) model


Cabling tools


Router programming


Internet Protocol (IP) addressing

Network standards

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to perform tasks related to the following:-

Networking mathematics, terminology, and models

Networking media such as copper, optical, and wireless

Testing and cabling LANs and WANs

Ethernet Operation and 10/100/1000/10 G versions of Ethernet

Ethernet Switching

IP addressing and subnetting

IP, TCP, UDP, and application layer protocols

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CCNA Semester 2 v3.1.1 Router and Routing Basics is the second of four CCNA courses leading to the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) designation. CCNA 2 focuses on initial router configuration, Cisco IOS Software management, routing protocol configuration, TCP/IP, and access control lists (ACLs). Students will develop skills on how to configure a router, manage Cisco IOS Software, configure routing protocol on routers, and set the access lists to control the access to routers.The CCNA certification indicates knowledge of networking for the small office,home office (SOHO) market and the ability to work in small businesses or organizations with networks that have fewer than 100 nodes.

A CCNA certified individual can perform the following tasks:-

Install and configure Cisco switches and routers in multiprotocol internetworks using LAN and WAN interfaces

Provide Level 1 troubleshooting service

Improve network performance and security

Perform entry-level tasks in the planning, design, installation, operation, and

troubleshooting of Ethernet and TCP/IP Networks

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to perform tasks related to the following:-

Routers and their roles in WANs

Cisco IOS

Router configuration

Router file management

RIP and IGRP routing protocols

TCP/IP error and control messages

Router troubleshooting

Intermediate TCP

Access control lists

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CCNA Semester 3 v3.1.1 Switching Basics and Intermediate Routing is the third of four courses leading to the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) designation. To become a CCNA, a passing score on the 640-802 exam must be achieved, or combined passing scores on both the ICND1 640-822 and ICND2 640-816 exams. CCNA certification validates the ability to install, configure, operate, and troubleshoot medium-size routed and switched networks, including implementation and verification of connections to remote sites in a WAN.

Video Contents:-

Introduction to Classless Routing



Switching Concepts


Switch Configuration

Spanning Tree Protocol

Virtual LANs

Virtual Trunking Protocol

The course focuses on the following advanced IP addressing techniques:-

Variable Length Subnet Masking (VLSM)

Intermediate routing protocols such as RIP v2, single-area OSPF, and EIGRP

Command-line interface configuration of switches

Ethernet switching

Virtual LANs (VLANs)

Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)

VLAN Trunking Protocol (VTP)

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CCNA Semester 4 v3.1.1 WAN Technologies is the last of four courses leading to the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) designation. Students will be required to apply information from CCNA 1, CCNA 2, and CCNA 3 to a network and should be able to explain how and why a particularstrategy isused. This course will also help students prepare for the CCNA exam.

Video Contents:-

Scaling IP Addresses

WAN Technologie



Frame Relay

Introduction to Network Administration

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to perform tasks related to the following:-

Network Address Translation (NAT) and Port Address Translation (PAT)

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)

WAN technologies

Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP)

Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN)

Dial-on-demand routing (DDR)

Frame Relay

Network management

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Cisco CCNP Exam 642-821 Building Cisco Remote Access Network (BCRAN) is a qualifying exam for the Cisco Certified Network Professional CCNP certification. The BCRAN exam (642-821) focuses on using one or more of the available WAN connection technologies for remote access between enterprise sites. It also assesses techniques and features for enhancing WAN and remote access connections. The exam will certify that the successful candidate has the knowledge and skills necessary to describe, configure, and implement comprehensive remote access solutions in the enterprise environment.

Over the past few years, Cisco has transformed formerly multiple-choice, rote memorization exams into true tests of one’s application of knowledge and skills. Therefore, the BCRAN exam, as is the case with most Cisco exams, requires a good deal of planning and strategy during the preparation stage.The Building Cisco Remote Access Networks (BCRAN) exam is one of four required exams (or one of three exams, depending on the track you choose) for the Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) certification program. In this article, I discuss what you need to know to prepare for the BCRAN 642-821 exam and cover some test-taking strategies, and provide some tips for obtaining your CCNP aswell.

In the technology arena, change is constant. On today’s networks in general, the focus is moving from Frame Relay technology to IPSec and MPLS-based VPNs. With that technology shift, and continual changes and enhancements made to Cisco’s product lines, it’s important to keep your knowledge fresh and be tested on new topics and technologies. As a result, the Cisco certification program has undergone many changes over the last few years, including the migration to more simulation-based questions. These questions accurately test a candidate’s skills in applying knowledge and methodologies, such as configuration and troubleshooting, rather than simply memorizing facts. The BCRAN exam was included in Cisco’s efforts to revamp its certification program. The exam certifies that the successful candidate has important knowledge and skills necessary to describe, configure, operate, and troubleshoot WAN and remote access solutions.

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The Building Scalable Cisco Internetworks exam is a qualifying exam for the CCNP, CCDP, and CCIP certifications. The BSCI exam (642-801) tests materials covered under the new Building Scalable Cisco Internetworks (BSCI) course. The exam will certify that the successful candidate has important knowledge and skills necessary to use advanced IP addressing and routing in implementing scalability for Cisco routers connected to LANs and WANs. The exam covers topics on Advanced IP Addressing, Routing Principles, Configuring the EIGRP, Configuring the Open Shortest Path First Protocol, Configuring IS-IS, Manipulating Routing Updates, and configuring basic BGP.

Advanced Routing is one of four courses leading to the CCNP certification. CCNP 1 teaches you how to design, configure, maintain, and scale routed networks. You will learn to use VLSMs, private addressing, and NAT to enable more efficient use of IP addresses. This book also teaches you how to implement routing protocols such as RIPv2, EIGRP, OSPF, IS-IS, and BGP. In addition, this book details the important techniques used for route filtering and route redistribution. Use this Companion Guide to help prepare for the Building Scalable Cisco Internetworks exam (642-801 BSCI), which is one of the four required exams to obtain the CCNP certification.

642-801- BSCI Building Scalable Cisco Internetworks Exam :-

Describe and implement advanced IP addressing technologies

Describe and implement IP routing principles

Describe and implement Cisco IOS advanced routing features

Describe and implement EIGRP

Describe and implement OSPF

Describe and implement integrated IS-IS

Describe and implement BGP for enterprise ISP connectivity

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CISCO CCNP Multilayer Switching BCMSN video tutorials provides tutorial learning and exam preparation on advanced switching techniques and practices. As part of the CCNP/CCDP certifications, switching is an important building block that all networking professionals must master. Cisco Press teaches and prepares candidates for this challenging professional-level exam with pre- and post-chapter quizzes, foundational reviews, in-depth topical learning materials & real-world case studies.Videos includes reviews of new switching hardware and advanced topics. An emphasis on IOS Software commands in the Catalyst 3550, 4000, and 6000 families is included, as well as Cisco Express Forwarding (CEF), transparent LAN services, QoS Classification, and IP telephony configuration.

Focused on intermediate-level switching issues, the BCMSN exam assesses a candidate's skill at building campus networks using multilayer switching technologies over high speed Ethernet. The exam addresses both routing and switching concepts, covering both Layer 2 and Layer 3 technologies. The BCMSN is also a requirement for CCDP certification.


Describe and implement Spanning Tree operation in a hierarchical network

Describe and implement VLANs

Describe and implement High Availability technologies and techniques

Describe and implement InterVLAN routing

Describe and implement multicast forwarding

Describe and implement security features in a switched network

Introduction to Building Cisco Multilayer Switched Networks.

Utilizing the Enterprise Composite Model for designing networks

Using the Switching Database Manager within a Catalyst switch

Operating managed VLAN services on a switched network

Configuring and verifying 802.1Q and ISL trunks

Configuring access ports for static and multi-VLAN membership

Increasing bandwidth for interswitch connections with Fast EtherChannel and Gigabit EtherChannel

Enabling Spanning Tree Protocol on ports and VLANs

Converting CatOS to native IOS on Catalyst switches

Implementing IP telephony in a switched network environment

Planning, configuring, and implementing QOS

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Cisco CCNP v4.0 Network Troubleshooting CIT is a qualifying exam for the Cisco Certified Network Professional CCNP certification. The 642-831 CIT exam will test materials covered under the Cisco Internetwork Troubleshooting (CIT) course. The exam will certify that the successful candidate has important knowledge and skills necessary to troubleshoot sub-optimal performance in a converged network environment. The exam includes topics on describing and implementing effective troubleshooting strategies, troubleshooting IP unicast and multicast routing, troubleshooting multi-layer switched networks, and troubleshooting WANs and remote access connections. The organization of this edition has been radically altered to align with the new CIT objectives that focus on troubleshooting methodologies to resolve problems at the Physical, Data Link, Network, Transport, and Application layers of the OSI Model.

The skills tested include:-

1. Troubleshooting of TCP/IP, Novell networks in routed environment.

2. Troubleshooting VLANs, Catalyst 4500, 6500 series switches.

3. Using troubleshooting and help resources for clients on Cisco Website among others.

Authoritative coverage of all exam objectives, including:-

  • Establishing an optimal system baseline
  • Diagramming and documenting system topology and end system configuration
  • Verifying connectivity at all layers
  • Selecting an optimal troubleshooting approach
  • Planning a network documentation system and baseline monitoring scheme
  • Using Cisco IOS commands and applications to identify and isolate system problems
  • Resolving sub-optimal system performance problems
  • Restoring optimal baseline service
  • Working with external providers and system users to resolve service provision problems

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This Unix Shell Fundamentals tutorial video utilizes an easy to follow training format that is both engaging and informative. Created to assist the beginners to intermediate users, the author uses a unique training method that brings a high degree of visual clarity to even the most complex applications. Being over 10 hours long these Unix Shell Fundamentals tutorials on CD are extremely comprehensive and easy to follow. Video Training by Experts - Low Cost.
UNIX is a family of operating systems. UNIX Shell is common in text-based or command-line UNIX programs. The commands of UNIX shell are compatible with all brands of UNIX, including Linux.

This tutorial teaches the fundamentals of UNIX Shell even if you have no prior knowledge of UNIX or UNIX Shell commands. Author helps you get a better understanding thorough demonstrations of processes such as logging in, copying files, combining programs, using telnet, and more.At the end of the course delegates will have the fundamental skills required to login to a Unix system, manage files and directories, use Unix commands and manage processes, use an editor, access the electronic mail facility and create simple shell scripts.

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OO Defrag Professional Edition is the newest generation of the very successful O&O Defrag. Simply, quickly, and securely, you can get the maximum performance out of your expensive hardware investments - and all this with only a tiny investment of time and energy!
The new O&O Defrag V8.5 Professional Edition for Windows-based workstations unlocks the hidden Performance of your computer. This software will optimize your hard disk in Windows XP Home, Windows XP Professional, Windows 2000 Professional, and Windows NT 4 Workstation, securely repacking fragmented files together for more efficiency. In addition, O&O Defrag V8.5 Professional Edition boasts outstanding usability and a myriad of important functions not found in any other defragmentation software platforms on the market today.

The new O&O Defrag V8.5 Professional Edition securely optimizes the servers in your company. With the built-in O&O Defrag Network Management your administrators can both comfortably and simply distribute and control O&O Defrag V8.5 over the company"s entire network.
O&O Defrag V8.5 is the finest, fastest and possibly the BEST defrag utility, I have come across with it you simply, quickly, and securely get the maximum performance throughput out of your expensive hardware investments.

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TuneUp Utilities optimizes the performance of your computer, corrects problems and lets you easily adapt the system to your needs.TuneUp Start page: Intuitive Layout, Easy to Use
Provides quick and easy access to the most critical optimization functions. A single yet comprehensive assessment of your PC’s current performance and overall system health
TuneUp Speed Optimizer: Intelligent, Powerful Utility for any User Skill Level. Easy optimization in just a few clicks. Identifies unused programs and resource-draining functions
Recommends tools for optimal PC performance.TuneUp 1-Click Maintenance: Automatic, Fast Optimization. Enables one-click maintenance of the most important functions of your PC
Cleans the Windows registry. Deletes temporary files and folders. Increases the system performance through integrated defragmentation. Streamlines your desktop and simplifies folder shortcuts with one click.

Intelligent recommendations for your unique PC optimization
Identifies your personal settings and protects them. Highlights your PC’s optimization potential, including unused programs and resource-draining settings
Recommends options and explains performance results before taking any action
Provides you with safe and effective optimization results
Corrects all mistakes created from previous tuning attempts
Comprehensive and easy rollback ability for any changes made to your PC

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Uninstall any installed program completely, even corrupted ones. Fix invalid uninstallations in one click.If you often install/uninstall software, you will most probably face these corrupted programs, let Your Uninstaller! 2008 fix them. Full system scan after a program being uninstalled for complete removal.Your Uninstaller! 2008 scans whole system for related traces and completely remove them after normal uninstallation, you will not notice the program has ever installed. Force removal of a program.For some hard to remove programs, this is a good choice, extremely useful for old-fashion programs. Keep system stable and clean with various system tools.Your Uninstaller! 2008 has built-in system tools like Uninstaller, Startup Manager, Internet Traces Eraser, StartMenu Manager, Disk Cleaner to keep Windows clean and in order.
Easy to Use. No expert knowledge required.

Usability is always in our mind when developing products, Your Uninstaller! 2008 is simple and straightforward to complete all tasks. No hassle, no confusion.Windows Vista Compatible.
Your Uninstaller! 2008 is Windows Vista Compatible both for 32bit and 64bit versions. Of course, it also works for Windows XP and perfectly. Safe and Trusted.Your Uninstaller! 2008 is 100% virus and spyware free. No crashes, seizures, slow downs and error messages with the safest and most trusted solution from a leading software vendor.

You may often install trial version programs, and if you do not like the program, you need to uninstall it. But sometimes you will find it impossible to uninstall certain program, it keeps staying in Windows installed programs list and reports many errors, many junk files and registry keys/values were left on your PC. These programs will cause system problems and slow down Windows quite a lot.Your Uninstaller! 2008 is just the key to solve these problems, it can remove any installed program and clear all the left traces. Whenever you uninstall a program, Your Uninstaller! 2008 removes it completely! Nothing left.

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GetDataBack will recover your data if the hard drive's partition table, boot record, FAT/MFT or root directory are lost or damaged, data was lost due to a virus attack, the drive was formatted, fdisk has been run, a power failure has caused a system crash, files were lost due to a software failure, files were accidentally deleted...Recover even when Windows doesn't recognize the drive-
GetDataBack can even recover your data when the drive is no longer recognized by Windows. It can likewise be used even if all directory information - not just the root directory- is missing.
Get everything back-Advanced algorithms will make sure that all directories and sub directories are put together as they were, and that long file names are reconstructed correctly.
GetDataBack is safe-GetDataBack is read-only, meaning the program will never attempt to write to the drive you are about to recover. Please make sure to read the safety instructions...

The software enables the regular user to conduct his own data recovery by guiding him through three easy to understand steps, thus gives the advanced user the possibility to interfere with the recovery and improve the results, by examining the scan log, the file system details, file and directory information, by selecting the sector range to be scanned, by choosing excessive search for file systems or search for lost files, by calling Runtime's DiskExplorer. Recover files over your local network or over a serial cable- This feature enables you to run GetDataBack on one computer ("remote") while accessing the drives of another computer ("host").

Recovering data over a network is useful, especially when you are not able to remove the drive you want to recover from and attach it to another computer.
GetDataBack recovers from
* Hard drives (IDE, SCSI, SATA)
* USB drives
* Firewire drives
* Partitions
* Dynamic Disks
* Floppy drives
* Drive images
* Zip/Jaz drive
* Compact Flash Cards
* Smart Media Cards
* Secure Digital Cards
* USB Flash Drive
* iPod Disks

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CuteFTP Professional is a powerful tool for transferring any type of data, such as business documents and large multi-media, efficiently, reliably and securely over industry standard protocols. CuteFTP Professional offers significant advantages over other FTP clients in the following areas: Connect: Cute FTP Professional includes step-by-step help for initiating your first connection, connect through a standard or HTTP proxy, firewall or SOCKS server, connect to multiple sites simultaneously, even cache sessions for offline browsing. Secure: Cute FTP Professional protects both the login and transfer process using any one of the following industry standard: Secure Shell’s SFTP (SSH2), Secure Socket and Transport Security Layer ( SSL/TLS), the One Time Password (OTP) authentication protocol, and Hyper Text Transport Protocols Secure (HTTPS). Transfer: Save valuable time by performing up to 100 concurrent transfers, accelerate large file transfers through segmented deliver, transfer between remote hosts, compress files prior to transfers, schedule batch transfers, and queue transfers for future delivery.

Manage: Edit remote documents such as HTML or PHP files using the built-in editor, view remote graphics as thumbnails, synchronize or backup your site, monitor a local folder for changes and perform a variety of typical site management operations. Automate: Perform routine or complex tasks though Cute FTP Professional’s Component Object Model (COM) programmatic interface with scripts you develop or have CuteFTP Professional create them for you using the Script Record & Playback. Cute FTP 7 Professional for Windows includes all of the benefits of CuteFTP Home, plus powerful features essential for business and professional users including: advanced security options, powerful site management tools, accelerated transfers, automation technology, and much more.

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PDF to Word Doc Converter is such a desktop document conversion tool to convert Adobe PDF file to Mcirosoft Word Doc file .The program can extract text, images, shapes from PDF file to Word Doc file and preserve the layout. It can convert all the pages, or any pages range of the PDF file.And it is a standalone program - you can convert PDF to Word Doc without Adobe Acrobat Reader or Microsoft Word installed!
Key Features:
* Convert PDF to Word and preserve the original layout of your PDF in an editable Word Document.
* Extract text labels, graphics, shapes from PDF file into Word Doc file.
* Convert all the pages, or partial pages of PDF file to Word file.
* Support Adobe PDF 1.0 - 1.6 formats.
* Can automatically open the output Doc file when the conversion is done.
* Several PDF to Word conversion options are available for a better result.
* Convert in a high speed.
* Easy to use software.

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Now, with Foxit PDF Editor, you can easily meet the above challenges. Foxit PDF Editor is the only real PDF editor. Unlike other so-called "PDF Editor", which only works with notes or limited page contents, Foxit PDF Editor allows you to modify any page contents within any PDF document. You can select, insert, change, remove, rotate, copy and paste texts, images and graphics. You can insert, import, delete pages or design page layout. After you finish editing, you can print out the result PDF file or save it to overwrite the original file or create a new file.
Key Benefits
* Modifies any contents of any PDF file
* Edits document intuitively, in a what-you-see-is-what-you-get way
* Requires no inside knowledge of PDF file format
* Displays PDF file fast and perfectly
* Presents a simple and neat user interface
* Packs in a small downloadable package
* Occupies small hard disk space after installation
* Supports multi-language PDF content

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HTML is a computer language devised to allow website creation. These websites can then be viewed by anyone else connected to the Internet. It is relatively easy to learn, with the basics being accessible to most people in one sitting; and quite powerful in what it allows you to create. HTML consists of a series of short codes typed into a text-file by the site author — these are the tags. The text is then saved as a html file, and viewed through a browser, like Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. This browser reads the file and translates the text into a visible form, hopefully rendering the page as the author had intended. Writing your own HTML entails using tags correctly to create your vision. You can use anything from a rudimentary text-editor to a powerful graphical editor to create HTML pages.HTML is a Language, as it has code-words and syntax like any other language.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a style sheet language used to describe the presentation of a document written in a markup language. Its most common application is to style web pages written in HTML and XHTML, but the language can be applied to any kind of XML document, including SVG and XUL. CSS is designed primarily to enable the separation of document content (written in HTML or a similar markup language) from document presentation, including elements such as the colors, fonts, and layout. This separation can improve content accessibility, provide more flexibility and control in the specification of presentation characteristics, enable multiple pages to share formatting, and reduce complexity and repetition in the structural content. CSS can also allow the same markup page to be presented in different styles for different rendering methods, such as on-screen, in print, by voice and on Braille-based, tactile devices. While the author of a document typically links that document to a CSS stylesheet, readers can use a different stylesheet, perhaps one on their own computer, to override the one the author has specified.CSS specifies a priority scheme to determine which style rules apply if more than one rule matches against a particular element. In this so-called cascade, priorities or weights are calculated and assigned to rules, so that the results are predictable.

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VTC TCP/IP Introduction to TCP/IP video tutorials is a quick and easy way to learn TCP/IP through a series of movies.You can learn from your own desk at a pace that suits you.TCP/IP, or Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol is actually a suite of protocols that gives you the ability to transmit, connect, provide maintenance, check for errors, and troubleshoot a network. You can even connect to a remote machine and control it. TCP/IP is must-know information for the network administrator. In this Virtual Training Company tutorial, author Louis DiPaola guides you through the utilization capabilities of TCP/IP. He teaches you IP addressing and routing, monitoring, communication options, and much more.

Course : TCP/IP for Windows
Author : Louis DiPaola/Prof.
SKU : 33130
ISBN : 1930519052
Release Date : 2000-06-01
Duration : 5 hrs / 82 tutorials


Introduction to TCP/IP
TCP/IP and OSI Models
Connection Controls and Windowing
IP Addressing
What is an IP Address?
ANDing Addresses
Solutions for Classes
A Binary Lesson
Solutions for Binary
Borrowing Bits
Solutions for Borrowing
Subnet Numbers
Subnet Masks
Solutions for Masks
Address Ranges
Solutions for Ranges
Practice 1
Solutions for Practice 1
Practice 2
Solutions for Practice 2
Windows Calculator
IP Version 6

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ACDSee 9 is a perfect solution for photo manager, viewer / editor,photo tools application etc.Its a powerful graphic viewer, easy to use, really simple, with a files tree which allow us to access our pictures easily. It supports the most common graphic file formats, sucha s BMP, GIF, animated GIF, IFF, JPEG, TIFF, TGA, etc.It also includes a multimedia player for files: MP3, MOV, AVI, MPG, WAV etc. In short, ACDSee 9.0 is a powerful and fast tool which will allow us organise and see all kind of images and videos.It makes organizing your photos rapid and easy, so you can play with and share the great photos you've got. Get Photos rapid from any storage device, and ACDSee 9 automatically categorizes your shots based on metadata information.You can also use new password protected Private Folders to store confidential information.

New features:-

1) Faster viewing
See your images instantly onscreen with Quick View mode. Whether opening an e-mail attachment, or double-clicking on a JPEG from Windows Explorer, ACDSee's Quick View mode is the fastest way to view your photos.

2) Incredible photo fixes
The Shadow/Highlight tool provides easy and instantaneous correction for poorly exposed photos, without affecting areas of the image that don't require adjustments. With the one-click red eye removal, you don't even have to click directly on the problem area in order to fix it. Just single-click near the reddened portion of the subject's eye and ACDSee automatically fixes it.

3) Organize your collection
Calendar Events View automatically organizes your photos based on the date they were taken. You can even add thumbnails to dates in your Events View for convenient viewing and browsing of future and past events. Try Group By - arrange by keyword, size or any other commonly used information. Or get instant results by simply typing a keyword into the Quick Search bar.

4) Instantly share your images
Create your own stunning slide shows with transition effects and sound - you can even mix multiple audio tracks into your slide shows without the hassle of learning complicated software. A unique function also enables you to synch audio to slides, which makes the slide show last as long as the background soundtrack you've selected. Try the E-mail Sharing Wizard to send images directly from ACDSee without having to open your email application. you can free download ACDSee 9 Photo Manager 9.0 now.

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MAC Address Changer allows you to change Media Access Control (MAC) Address of your Network Interface Card (NIC) irrespective to your NIC manufacturer or its driver. It has a very simple user interface and provides ample information regarding each NIC in the machine.
Every NIC has a MAC address hard coded in its circuit by the manufacturer. This hard coded MAC address is used by windows drivers to access Ethernet Network (LAN).This tool can set a new MAC address to your NIC, bypassing the original hard coded MAC address.MAC Address Changer is a must tool in every security professionals tool box.MAC Address Changer is coded in Visual Basic 6.0.

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Learn basic commands in Unix video tutorials will help you to know and understand some really useful administration in Unix operating system.Unix operating systems are widely used in both servers and workstations. The Unix environment and the client-server program model were essential elements in the development of the Internet and the reshaping of computing as centered in networks rather than in individual computers.Both Unix and the C programming language were developed by AT&T and distributed to government and academic institutions, which led to both being ported to a wider variety of machine families than any other operating system. As a result, Unix became synonymous with "open systems".

Unix was designed to be portable, multi-tasking and multi-user in a time-sharing configuration. Unix systems are characterized by various concepts: the use of plain text for storing data; a hierarchical file system; treating devices and certain types of inter-process communication (IPC) as files; and the use of a large number of software tools, small programs that can be strung together through a command line interpreter using pipes, as opposed to using a single monolithic program that includes all of the same functionality. These concepts are known as the Unix philosophy.

Unix, which is not an acronym, was developed by some of the members of the Multics team at the bell labs starting in the late 1960's by many of the same people who helped create the C programming language. The Unix today, however, is not just the work of a couple of programmers. Many other organizations, institutes and various other individuals contributed significant additions to the system we now know today.

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Gigaget is the next generation download manager which utilizes cutting-edge Net Grid technology that improves your download speed by 7-10 times.Multi file formats and browsers Support Compatiable with major browsers-Internet Explorer, Mozilla/Firefox, Maxthon
Major streaming protocol support, including MMS/RTSP/Flash Intelligent Web Analysis, helping you find the URL (out of a web page) to download .Intelligent Disk Cache system which protects your hard disk from high-speed download. Intelligent Prompt System, providing useful information and suggestions for each specific situation. Unique Error Diagnosis function, helping users find the reasons and solutions on failed tasks.

Easy to use and manage
• Simple and advance mode, fit for both rookies and advanced users.
• Powerful Task Manager, easy to organize downloaded files

More than fast
• Ultra-fast download speed experience
• Auto data integrity validation and correction
• Import/export download list, easy to share with friends

Multi file formats and browsers Support
• Compatiable with major browsers-Internet Explorer, Mozilla/Firefox, Maxthon
• Major streaming protocol support, including MMS/RTSP/Flash
• Intelligent Web Analysis, helping you find the URL (out of a web page) to download

Advanced Intelligent Functions
• Intelligent Disk Cache system which protects your hard disk from high-speed download.
• Intelligent Prompt System, providing useful information and suggestions for each specific
• Unique Error Diagnosis function, helping users find the reasons and solutions on failed

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