This free video describes NAS architecture overview for all storage administrators and students.A network-attached storage (NAS) is hard disk storage that is set up with its own network address rather than being attached to the department computer that is serving applications to a network's workstation users. By removing storage access and its management from the department server, both application programming and files can be served faster because they are not competing for the same processor resources. The network-attached storage device is attached to a local area network (typically, an Ethernet network) and assigned an IP address. File requests are mapped by the main server to the NAS file server.

Network-attached storage consists of hard disk storage, including multi-disk RAID systems, and software for configuring and mapping file locations to the network-attached device. Network-attached storage can be a step toward and included as part of a more sophisticated storage system known as a storage area network (SAN).NAS software can usually handle a number of network protocols, including Microsoft's Internetwork Packet Exchange and NetBEUI, Novell's Netware Internetwork Packet Exchange, and Sun Microsystems' Network File System. Configuration, including the setting of user access priorities, is usually possible using a Web browser. Network-attached storage (NAS) is now a major player in the externally connected storage market, moving from simple filer to storage networking protocol provider. More customers are using NAS as part of their core data storage infrastructure to deliver file services and support business critical applications. As a VAR or systems integrator, you should be taking advantage of NAS features like snapshots and replication to meet customers' growing business storage needs.

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This free video describes SAN architecture overview for all storage administrators and students.A storage area network (SAN) is a high-speed special-purpose network (or subnetwork) that interconnects different kinds of data storage devices with associated data servers on behalf of a larger network of users. Typically, a storage area network is part of the overall network of computing resources for an enterprise. A storage area network is usually clustered in close proximity to other computing resources such as IBM z990 mainframes but may also extend to remote locations for backup and archival storage, using wide area network carrier technologies.SANs support disk mirroring, backup and restore, archival and retrieval of archived data, data migration from one storage device to another, and the sharing of data among different servers in a network.

SANs can incorporate subnetworks with network-attached storage (NAS) systems.A storage area network (SAN) overcomes these problems by moving storage resources off the common user network and reorganizing those storage components into an independent, high performance network. SAN technology also supports storage features such as disk mirroring, data backup/restoration, data archiving/retrieval and data migration. Most SANs are assembled using three components: cabling, host bus adapters (HBA) and switches. Cabling is the physical medium used to interconnect every SAN device. FC SANs can use copper or optical fiber cabling -- the choice depends on the speed and distance requirements of the SAN. Slower or shorter distance connections can be made through copper cables; faster or longer distance connections are achieved through optical cables.

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This video tutorial from VTC describes about the Introduction to MySQL Virtual Training Company's Introduction to MySQL video tutorial is just want you need to begin designing and developing database management systems. It will help you go from a beginner's understanding of databases and SQL to gaining a mastery knowledge. It starts the tutorial by covering the basics of databases and SQL. Once you are comfortable with the basics, let him guide you through the more complex aspects, such as variables and security. MySQL Certification lays the foundation for becoming a trusted and valuable resource for your company and customers. MySQL certifications are available for Developers, DBAs and for those specializing in MySQL Cluster technologies. Smart consultants, developers and DBAs use MySQL certification to show prospective employers and customers that they are up to date on the latest features, gain confidence that they are on top of MySQL tools and tricks, promote themselves with certification logos on business cards, personal weblogs and job interviews and demonstrate that they can apply their skillset in a business environment.

Virtual Training Company makes learning the most challenging software easier. Open the program you want to learn. Open your VTC training CD. A friendly expert takes you smoothly from the basics of the program through every single feature. It's simple to apply what your learning as you go.Need help in the middle of a project? You can quickly search the subject, and within seconds an expert is showing exactly what you need to know. VTC makes it possible for you to become an expert in far less time, at a much lower cost, than any other form of training.

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This free video tutorials covers Introduction to Oracle SQL and PL/SQL video training.Virtual Training Company's Introduction to Oracle SQL and PL/SQL tutorial will cover the relational Database Model, the Oracle Architecture and the Physical database. The tutorial is aimed at programmers, and individuals who have had prior SQL and relational database experience. Gavin Powell, your instructor, will begin teaching you many Oracle tools such as the SQL Plus, SQL Plus Worksheet, and Oracle Enterprise Manager. This tutorial will explain how to maintain the Logical Database, and the difference between the Logical Database and the Physical database. You will be guided, in great detail, in the following areas: retrieving, changing, adding, and deleting data from the Database. From there, you will learn about Logical Database objects, Security, Select Statements, and much more. Introduction to Oracle SQL and PL/SQL will cover areas for the Oracle Certification course. PLSQL stands for "Procedural Language extensions to SQL", and can be used in Oracle databases. PLSQL is closely integrated into the SQL language, yet it adds programming constructs that are not native to SQL.

PL/SQL supports variables, conditions, loops and exceptions. Arrays are also supported, albeit in somewhat unusual way, involving the use of PL/SQL collections. PL/SQL collections are a slightly advanced topic. PL/SQL program units (essentially code containers) can be compiled into the Oracle database. Programmers can thus embed PL/SQL units of functionality into the database directly. They also can write scripts containing PL/SQL program units that can be read into the database using the Oracle SQL*Plus tool. Learn Oracle SQL and PL / SQL from a leading expert. Quickly master the skills required to work in a commercial environment.Learn how to reduce your workflow and increase your productivity using tips and techniques of the pros. This course introduces students to data server technology, and explores the concepts of relational databases and the powerful SQL and PL/SQL programming languages. Students will learn and practice how to create and maintain database objects. You will also learn to store, retrieve, and manipulate data. Finally, you will learn how to create PL/SQL blocks of application code that can be used in Oracle forms, reports, and other Oracle applications.

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Free download LAN Employee Monitor application is a LAN monitoring software,an employee monitoring software 7 Mb in size.This LAN monitoring software captures the screen of employee's computer real time by matrix screen. In addition to this, this LAN employee monitoring software remote control the employee's computer,you can work on a remote computer in real time as if you were using its own keyboard and mouse,such as restart or turn off the employee's PC,terminate the program which is running in the employee's computer etc. In addition to monitoring the screen in real time,LAN Employee Monitor automatically save screenshots of your employee's computer at set intervals on your computer.

Here are some key features of LAN Employee Monitor:-

1. Captures the screen of employee's computer real time by matrix screen.
With lan employee monitor,the manager can monitor the screen(s) of employee(s)'s PC in real time.This gives the manager an extremely accurate and visual view of what the person he(she) is monitoring are doing on the computer.

2. LAN Remote control,remote access tool,remote desktop administration program.
remote control program and remote access program which enables you to work on a remote computer in real time as if you were using its own keyboard and mouse.

3. Remote File Management and Transfer.
with this computer monitoring software,it allows a wide variety of file management(upload, download,rename, delete etc.)

4. Save the screenshot of employee's computer automatically or manually.
In addition to monitoring the screen in real time,LAN Employee Monitor automatically save screenshots of your employee's computer at set intervals on your computer.
When you feel something is happenning on the remote computer and you feel a need to keep evidence,you can save the screenshot manually.

5. Terminate the program which is running in the employee's computer.
While you found somebody is running a non-work-related program,you can terminate it easily.

6. Forbid use USB storage device , IE Download and run specified process.

7. Turn off or restart the employee's computer.

8. Send message to employee's computer.

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Free Download Avast 4.8.1335 Professional Edition is only 22 MB in size. Avast 4.8.1335 Professional Edition is a complete ICSA and Checkmark certified antivirus, Checkmark certified anti-spyware and anti-rootkit software package for corporate and advanced home use.Avast Professional Edition includes an on demand scanner with two user interfaces,a skinnable simple interface: just select what you want to scan and in which way and press the play button, an enhanced user interface: Outlook like UI allows users to set any feature of Avast, prepare and run tasks,store and check task results, on access scanner: special providers to protect: most available e-mail clients, instant messaging: ICQ or Miranda, network traffic: lightweight firewall, P2P protection for Kazaa, BitTorrent, Web shield: all HTTP traffic, script blocker.Small,true incremental,updates are downloaded and installed automatically.


* avast now contains a built-in anti-rootkit protection
* avast now comes with a built-in anti-spyware protection
* new self-defense function to prevent active malware from terminating avast processes as well as corrupting avast files and registry items
* scanners now display a progress of current scan (percentage of work done)
* improvements in boot-time scanner (detection and removal of hidden or hard to delete files)
* improvements in many unpackers
* ACE and RAR unpackers now work even in boot-time scanner
* IM Shield: added support for QQ
* improvements in handling of NTFS streams
* Internet Mail provider now displays the name of the sending/receiving program in the tooltip of its taskbar icon
* implemented a protection against false positives in critical system files
* greatly improved performance of the updater,in cases where many increments are being downloaded.
* silent installation now also includes scheduled tasks, if any
* resolved a compatibility issue with Acronis TrueImage.
* compatibility tests with Vista SP1 and XP SP3

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This free book "How to cheat at Securing Linux" covers hardening of operating system,
implementing an intrusion detection system and defending databases. How to Cheat at Securing Linux Servers is designed to help you deploy a Linux system on the Internet in a variety of security roles. This book provides practical instructions and pointers concerning the open source security tools that we use every day. This book shows you how to use your Linux skills to provide the most important security services such as encryption, authentication, access control, and logging. While writing the book, the authors had the following three-part structure in mind: locking down the network, securing data passing across the network,and protecting the network perimeter with firewalls, DMZs, and VPNs.Linux servers now account for 33% of all networks servers running worldwide.The top 3 market share holders in the network server space all use Linux as their standard operating system for the majority of their servers designed for medium to large size businesses. As with any technologies,increased usage results in increased attention from malicious hackers. For years a myth existed that Windows was inherently less secure than Linux, because there were significantly more attacks against Windows machines than Linux.There were more attacks against Windows machines because there were simply so many
more Windows machines to attack. Now, the numbers tell the exact opposite story. Linux servers account for 1/3 of all servers worldwide,but in 2005 there were 3 times as many high-severity security vulnerabilities discovered on Linux servers.

Book Contents:-

Chapter 1: Introduction to Open Source Security

Chapter 2: Hardening the Operating System

Chapter 3: System Scanning and Probing

Chapter 4: Implementing an Intrusion Detection System

Chapter 5: Troubleshooting the Network with Sniffers

Chapter 6: Unearthing Rootkits

Chapter 7: Defending Against Malware

Chapter 8: Defending Databases

Chapter 9: Network Authentication and Encryption

Chapter 10: Avoiding Sniffing Attacks through Encryption

Chapter 11: Creating Virtual Private Networks

Chapter 12: Implementing and Maintaining a Firewall

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SpeedConnect Internet Accelerator is a powerful Windows application designed to optimize your network connection and speed up all your internet activities. This translates into a faster internet connection, faster browsing and email, faster downloads, faster online gaming. The speed of your network connection doesn't just depend on the speed of your hardware. Windows is an operating system that is designed to work on a variety of different hardware and network setups. Because of the abstract nature of the operating system, it cannot be optimized for user-specific hardware setups.

Depending on the type of network connection you have, you might be able to tweak your connection so that the speed of your Internet, as well as your local area network, will be faster. By changing the System Registry and optimizing the TCP/IP parameters, SpeedConnect can fine-tune the values to take advantage of more reliable, faster Internet connections.SpeedConnect prevents fragmentation in data transfer using the TCP/IP protocols used on the Internet, greatly increasing the connection throughput and the download/upload speeds (Kbps).Because Windows default network settings have general values and are not optimized for a specific internet connection type, SpeedConnect software calculates, optimize and safely change several network related settings to known optimized values, in a recursive process, until it discovers the best settings for your specific connection.

SpeedConnect applies optimized network settings values which will prevent the data packets fragmentation and will speed up your connection. All this translates into faster web browsing, faster e-mail, faster downloads and improved overall Internet performance.SpeedConnect Internet Accelerator is designed to optimize the network tcp/ip settings and speed up all your internet related activities including browsing, downloading, uploading, streaming, online gaming, sending and receiving email. SpeedConnect Quick Optimizer mode provides the fastest way to speed up your connection. Experienced users get total control in advanced mode, which provides manual access to all settings.

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The all-in-one authorized reference for HP certified, HP-UX system administration certification!
If you are preparing for HP Certified, HP-UX System Administration certification, here's your all-in-one, authorized reference and preparation guide! The only preparation book approved by HP Education, HP Certified, HP-UX System Administration covers every exam objective in HP's three-part HP-UX System Administration exam (3HO-002). Best of all, this comprehensive book won't just help you prepare for the exam: it'll help you manage your systems for maximum efficiency today, tomorrow, and for years to come! Coverage includes all this, and more:
UNIX and HP-UX fundamentals: installation, startup, logins, shells, processes, file systems, and more:

Managing users, groups, and accounts

Security, auditing, performance management, and optimization

HP-UX networking: configuring LAN devices, IP addresses, NFS, DNS, NIS, and more

Printing, backup, storage management, kernel patches, peripherals, and more

Essential shell programming and job automation techniques

HP-UX (Hewlett Packard UniX) is Hewlett-Packard's proprietary implementation of the Unix operating system, based on System V.
It runs on the HP 9000 PA-RISC-based range of processors and HP Integrity Intel's Itanium-based systems, and was also available for later Apollo/Domain systems.
Earlier versions also ran on the HP 9000 Series 200, 300, and 400 computer systems based on the Motorola 68000 series of processors, as well as the HP 9000 Series 500 computers based on HP's proprietary FOCUS processor architecture.
HP-UX was the first Unix to use access control lists for file access permissions rather than the standard Unix permissions system. HP-UX was also among the first Unix systems to include a built-in logical volume manager.
HP has had a long partnership with Veritas Software, and uses VxFS as the primary file system. HP-UX 11i is currently credited with leadership in integrated mission-critical virtualization,observed performance, high availability and manageability.

HP-UX System Administration contains detailed lists of exam objectives, summaries of key points and challenging review questions after every chapter, plus a complete sample exam. If you run HP-UX, this book is all you need to get certified. Even better, it's all you need to get results.
The book is organized such that it progresses from simple-to-understand concepts to more-difficult and complicated ones. The same strategy is also implemented in each chapter. Figures, tables, and examples are presented wherever helpful to communicate the concept. The first few chapters contain more examples than the later ones to give a user a good start.
This book is intended to be the most comprehensive book on HP-UX. It not only covers the HP-UX certification exam, but it also serves as a reference book for even the most experienced HP-UX system administrators. The first part is designed with the most basic concepts so that anybody who is new to HP-UX can get the full benefit. The next two parts cover more-complicated system and network administration tasks. Both novice and experienced users will find interesting things here.

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Download Student Book 1

Download Student Book 2

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The AIX® 5L™ and IBM® Sserver pSeries® Certifications offered through the Professional Certification Program from IBM are designed to validate the skills required of technical professionals who work in the powerful and often complex environments of AIX 5L and Sserver pSeries. A complete set of professional certifications are available. Each certification is developed by following a thorough and rigorous process to ensure the exam is applicable to the job role, and is a meaningful and appropriate assessment of skill. Subject Matter Experts who successfully perform the job participate throughout the entire development process. These job incumbents bring a wealth of experience into the development process, thus making the exams much more meaningful than the typical test, which only captures classroom knowledge.

They include:
IBM Certified Specialist - Sserver p5 and pSeries Administration and Support for AIX 5L V5.3
IBM Certified Specialist - AIX 5L Basic Operations V5
IBM Certified Specialist - p5 and pSeries Technical Sales Support
IBM Certified Specialist - Sserver p5 Sales Solutions
IBM Certified Systems Expert - Sserver p5 and pSeries Enterprise Technical Support AIX 5L
IBM Certified Systems Expert - IBM System p5™ Virtulization Technical Support AIX 5L V5.3
IBM Certified Systems Expert - pSeries HACMP™ for AIX 5L
IBM Certified Advanced Technical Export - IBM System p5 2006

These experienced Subject Matter Experts ensure the exams are relevant to the real world and that the test content is both useful and valid. The result is a certification of value, which appropriately measures the skills required to perform the job role. This IBM Redbook is designed as a study guide for professionals wishing to prepare for the certification exam to achieve: IBM Certified Specialist - Sserver p5 and pSeries Administration and Support for AIX 5L V5.3. The certification validates a broad scope of AIX 5L administration and support skills and the ability to perform general AIX 5L software system maintenance, including installation. The certification is applicable to AIX 5L administration professionals who conduct the AIX 5L problem determination and resolution activities needed to successfully support customers, or clients, in an AIX 5L environment, to maintain system reliability and support daily management.
This redbook helps AIX 5L administrators seeking a comprehensive and task-oriented guide for developing the knowledge and skills required for the certification. It is designed to provide a combination of theory and practical experience needed for a general understanding of the subject matter.

This redbook does not replace practical experience you should have, but is an effective tool that, when combined with education activities and experience, should prove to be a very useful preparation guide for the exam. Due to the practical nature of the certification content, this redbook can also be used as a desk-side reference. So, whether you are planning to take the IBM Certified Specialist - Sserver p5 and pSeries Administration and Support for AIX 5L V5.3
exam, or if you just want to validate your AIX 5L system administration and support skills, this redbook is for you.

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This free study guide explains Windows server 2008 security features and implementations.Get the definitive reference for planning and implementing security features in Windows Server 2008 with expert insights from Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) and the Windows Server Security Team at Microsoft. This official Microsoft RESOURCE KIT delivers the in-depth, technical information and tools you need to help protect your Windows® based clients, server roles, networks, and Internet services. Leading security experts explain how to plan and implement comprehensive security with special emphasis on new Windows security tools,
security objects,security services,user authentication and access control,network security,
application security,Windows Firewall,Active Directory security,group policy, auditing and patch management.

Book Contents:-

Chapter 1 “Subjects,Users,and Other Actors”

Chapter 2 “Authenticators and Authentication Protocols”

Chapter 3 “Objects: The Stuff You Want”

Chapter 4 “Understanding UAC”

Chapter 5 “Windows Firewall”

Chapter 6 “Services”

Chapter 7 “Group Policy”

Chapter 8 “Auditing”

Chapter 9 “Designing Active Directory Domain Services for Security”

Chapter 10 “Implementing Active Directory Certificate Services”

Chapter 11 “Securing Server Roles”

Chapter 12 “Patch Management”

Chapter 13 “Managing Security Dependencies to Secure Your Network”

Chapter 14 “Securing the Branch Office”

Chapter 15 “Small Business Considerations”

Chapter 16 “Securing Server Applications”

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Every web server program operates by accepting HTTP requests from the client, and providing an HTTP response to the client. The HTTP response usually consists of an HTML document, but can also be a raw file, an image, or some other type of document. If some error is found in client request or while trying to serve it, a web server has to send an error response which may include some custom HTML or text messages to better explain the problem to end users.

Usually web servers have also the capability of logging some detailed information, about client requests and server responses, to log files; this allows the webmaster to collect statistics by running log analyzers on these files.

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C++ is a programming language that is both procedure-oriented and object-oriented. VTC author builds on what you learned in C Programming and adds the basic structure and procedures of C++. With an emphasis on OOP you will learn constructors, classes, templates, exception handling and more.The instructor takes you through the basic concepts and techniques of C, and gives you exercises with which he guides you through to get to the solutions. You will be taken smoothly into more advanced concepts, such as pointers and dynamic memory. If you are already familiar with programming, you can skip past what you already know.Perfect for beginners, this tutorial starts at an introductory level, assuming that you have no prior programming experience.

Exploring C++ VTC uses a program of self–directed lessons to cypher C++ into bite–sized chunks that you crapper foreshorten as apace as you crapper enclose them. The aggregation assumes exclusive a base discernment of basic planning concepts (variables, functions, expressions, statements) and requires no preceding noesis of C or some another portion language. It reduces the commonly goodish complexness of C++. The included lessons earmark you to see by doing, as a contestant of an mutual activity session. You’ll officer apiece travel in a digit movement before you travel to the next. Author Ray Lischner has fashioned questions to encourage acquisition newborn material. And by responding to questions throughout the text, youll be geared every travel of the way.

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Free Download Panda Antivirus Internet Security 2010 v18.00.00is only 83 Mb in size and provides maximum protection against all kinds of Internet threats.Panda Internet Security 2010 is a security suite that lets you use the Internet with complete peace of mind.It protects you from viruses, spyware,rootkits,hackers,online fraud,identity theft and all other Internet threats.The anti-spam engine will keep your inbox free from junk mail while the Parental Control feature ensures your children can use the Web safely.And thanks to the new Collective
Intelligence technology,the solution is now much faster than previous versions.With the improved Collective Intelligence technology,Panda’s 2010 products offer maximum detection with minimum impact on your PC.


Anti-Malware Protection
Automatically detects and eliminates viruses,spyware,Trojans,rootkits,bots and other malware.Scans files in real-time and on-demand.Scans emails before they reach your inbox.

Advanced Proactive Protection
Technologies from Panda Security are widely recognized as the most effective against new and unknown malware.TruPrevent Technologies 2.0 silently analyze the behavior of programs,blocking those that try to damage your PC.

Personal Firewall
Protects you against Internet-borne worms and hacker attacks.Smart auto-configuration allows good programs to run while blocking malicious ones.Shields your PC from hackers on the Web.Wireless Monitor protects your wireless network from intruders.

Anti-Banking Trojan Engine
Detects the most dangerous identity theft malware used by cyber-criminals to steal banking credentials.

Anti-Rootkit Technology
Detects and removes silently-installed rootkits used by malware or hackers to evade traditional antivirus products.

Parental Control
Lets your children browse the Internet safely by blocking access to inappropriate websites.You can assign predefined filters or rules according to your specific needs.

Web Filter
Lets you use the Internet safely without the risk of infections,vulnerability exploits,browser hijacking or phishing websites.

Personal Information Filter
Prevents theft from your PC of credit card numbers,social security numbers and any other personal information you define.

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This free video tutorial covers all the administration of Oracle 10G which will help all the database administrator and students for certification and career.An Oracle database is a collection of data treated as a unit. The purpose of a database is to store and retrieve related information. A database server is the key to solving the problems of information management. In general, a server reliably manages a large amount of data in a multiuser environment so that many users can concurrently access the same data. All this is accomplished while delivering high performance.Oracle Database is the first database designed for enterprise grid computing, the most flexible and cost effective way to manage information and applications. Enterprise grid computing creates large pools of industry-standard, modular storage and servers. With this architecture, each new system can be rapidly provisioned from the pool of components.The database has logical structures and physical structures. Because the physical and logical structures are separate, the physical storage of data can be managed without affecting the access to logical storage structures.

The Oracle grid architecture pools large numbers of servers, storage, and networks into a flexible, on-demand computing resource for enterprise computing needs. The grid computing infrastructure continually analyzes demand for resources and adjusts supply accordingly.Clustering is one technology used to create a grid infrastructure.Grids, which can consist of multiple clusters, are dynamic resource pools shareable among many different applications and users.Applications can be scheduled and migrated across servers in the grid. Grids share resources from and among independent system owners.

A database administrator's responsibilities can include the following tasks:-

  • Installing and upgrading the Oracle Database server and application tools
  • Allocating system storage and planning future storage requirements for the database system
  • Creating primary database storage structures (tablespaces) after application developers have designed an application
  • Creating primary objects (tables, views, indexes) once application developers have designed an application
  • Modifying the database structure, as necessary, from information given by application developers
  • Enrolling users and maintaining system security
  • Ensuring compliance with Oracle license agreements
  • Controlling and monitoring user access to the database
  • Monitoring and optimizing the performance of the database
  • Planning for backup and recovery of database information
  • Maintaining archived data on tape
  • Backing up and restoring the database
  • Contacting Oracle for technical support
Download all 2 parts in same folder and extract part 1 in new folder to join both split parts.

Rar Part 1

Rar Part 2

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Free Download F-Secure Antivirus Internet Security 2010 is only 70 Mb in size.This program will provide you with a range of security modules: anti-virus scanner, personal firewall, protection against spyware, antispam, application control, parental control, intrusion prevention system, as well as a scanner email and web traffic.Install a defense of the future by downloading a program F-Secure Internet Security 2010.Protection is based on technology F-Secure DeepGuard, blocking the hole in unpatched versions of the OS.F-Secure Internet Security 2010 has significant changes to the interface and it reduces the consumption of system resources.F-Secure Internet Security 2010 offers better security online without slowing down your computer. The completely redesigned new version offers significantly improved performance, including 70 % less memory consumption and 60 % faster scanning. It also provides enhanced protection against viruses,malware,spam e-mail and cyber criminals.No other antivirus vendor has in the cloud real-time protection network worldwide. The first real-time protection network for consumers! F-Secure data protection are distributed throughout the world and each data center is clustered.These services are so powerful,it only takes milliseconds to query the server for the status of a file. In fact,it is often faster to check the status of a file with a search network instead of scanning the local file scanning engine.

Automatic updates and advanced cloud computing technology ensure the fastest protection against new threats. The new Browsing Protection feature tells you which websites are safe to enter and which you should avoid. Harmful sites are blocked automatically to ensure safe surfing while renewed Parental Control keeps children safe from inappropriate web content. Extensive usability studies have helped us create a user experience that sets a new standard for safe PC use.Any problems are handled automatically, without disturbing the user. You are safe, whatever you do online.F-Secure Internet Security provides comprehensive and easy to use protection against all Internet threats, whether known or previously unidentified.

Key features:-

1) Protect your computer from viruses,worms,trojans and other threats

2) Detecting and removing spyware,adware from your computer,silently installed on your computer.

3) Personal firewall will keep your personal data, protecting it from hackers on your computer

4) Protection from spam and e-mail messages, whose purpose - theft of confidential information

5) Parental control zakrovaet access to web sites objectionable content.

6) Low system load and reduced consumption of system resources.

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McAfee Total Protection is a full system security suite consisting of anti-virus, anti-spyware, and a two-way personal firewall. This user-friendly security suite promises high value and continuous protection for PCs connected to the Internet. On top of all that, McAfee claims Total Protection 2009 does it all without slowing down your PC. McAfee Total Protection 2009 combines several products into one. In addition to McAfee's anti-virus/anti-spyware, this suite also includes other components such as anti-phishing and identity protection, a two-way personal firewall, and a website advisor tool. McAfee's network monitoring features alerts users with another computer connects to your network. Parental controls allow for content filtering of popular search engines. McAfee SiteAdvisor warns users of potentially risky websites by color coding them. Minor features include a Shredder application, which removes all traces of designated files from a PC, a Data Backup tool, which automatically backs up selected files to media, and system maintenance tools.


Fast Anti-Virus and Anti-spyware Protection
Detects, blocks, and removes viruses, spyware, adware and rootkits.
NEW QuickScan
Lets you check for threats in the most commonly infected areas on the computer in less than 10 minutes and on modern machines within seconds.
Network Manager
Lets you easily fix security issues on your home network from one PC. Provides easy and automatic printer and file sharing across computers on your home network that you trust.
Web Site Safety Ratings
Adds safety ratings to sites and search engine results based on comprehensive spam, adware, and online scam safety tests so you know exactly what website is safe to visit
Warns you before accessing dangerous scam websites that try to steal your personal information.
Allows you to effectively remove any and all traces of confidential files from your computer.
Computer maintenance
Provides automated tools to keeps your PC running at peak performance.
Identity Protection
Let’s you shop, bank and trade online safely by asking permission before personally identifiable information like PIN’s, bank accounts, Social Security numbers are sent from your PC.
IMPROVED Anti-spam
Helps keep your inbox free from unwanted, fraudulent and offensive emails.
Parental Controls
Let your children go online safely at times that you define.
Data Backup
Save copies of your most valuable files automatically wherever you want on a CD/DVD, USB, external, or network drive.
NEW Network Monitoring
Alerts you when intruders try to connect to your wireless home network.
Email and IM Link Checker
Search or click on links from friends, knowing your PC won’t be exposed to viruses or threats. Link Checker identifies and prevents you from clicking on harmful web site links in your browser, email, or instant messages
NEW File Protection
McAfee Anti-Theft encryption software lets you password protect your files on your PC

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Pro Linux System Administration is a great book to help advance an Linux administrator's knowledge. Basic books cover some of the more traditional services where this book covers widely used current services.Pro Linux System Administration book is for small to medium–sized business owners looking to run their own IT, system administrators considering migrating to Linux, and IT systems integrators looking for an extensible Linux infrastructure management approach.Pro Linux System Administration provides models for implementing a Linux infrastructure and builds a foundation for open source business systems management. This book makes it easy for small to medium–sized businesses to enter the world of zero–cost software running on Linux and covers all the distros you might want to use,including Red Hat, Ubuntu, Debian, and CentOS. Authors take a layered, component–based approach to open source business systems, while training system administrators as the builders of business infrastructure.

One of the strengths of the book is that it contains lots of places for readers to find information that allows them to take the next step in developing their skills. We don't assume we're going to teach people everything and we want them to develop and grow beyond the knowledge we impart in the book.If you want to implement a SOHO or SMB Linux infrastructure, Pro Linux System Administration clearly demonstrates everything you need. You’ll find this book also provides a solid framework to move forward and expand your business and associated IT capabilities, and you’ll benefit from the expertise and experienced guidance of the authors.The book starts from choosing your system to installing and describes basic system administration and commands. This is grounding for the rest of the book. Where possible we point to the similarities of operating systems,such as the conceptual parallels between Linux and Microsoft Windows, and provide links to further reading where needed.Each chapter in the book builds on the previous in a layered and relatively linear way. It is this layered approach that we feel sets this book apart from other Linux System Administration books.

Pro Linux System Administration covers:-

• An introduction to using Linux and free and open source software to cheaply and efficiently manage your business.

• A layered model that allows your infrastructure to grow with your business.

• Easy and simple–to–understand instructions including configurations,examples,and extensive real–world hints and tips.

This book will explain and demonstrate:-

• Linux architecture

• How to build,backup,and recover Linux servers

• Creating basic networks and network services with Linux

• Building and implementing Linux infrastructure and services including mail,web,databases and file and print

• Implementing Linux security

• Understanding Linux performance and capacity planning issues

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Norton Systemworks 35 Portable Utilities only 44MB in size.Highly compressed.Norton Systemworks 2006 keeps your computer clean of any data that outsiders could use to monitor your Internet activity or buying habits by cleaning up unwanted cookies. And by removing cache and temporary files automatically, and defragmenting your hard drive, your computer's performance will be optimized. The software even has a feature that compares the performance of your computer with similar computers.Optimize your computer experience with Norton SystemWorks 2006 Premier. This powerful solution offers advanced protection, automatically backing up your music, photos, personal files, and everything else on you computer. It also automatically maintains your system and prevents common problems. And when trouble does occur, it’s there to help you repair the damage and recover your system.It keeps your computer healthy and clean, and its antivirus protection protects you from viruses, worms, Trojan horses, and dangerous spyware. And to guard against disaster and loss it backs up your entire computer automatically.

No install needed just run autorun.exe and you get the following utilities:

Disk Doctor 2006
Windoctor 2006
Express Cleanup 2006
System Doctor
Process Viewer
Performance Test
Norton Commander
Compare Files
Copy Disk
NC Network Utilities
NC Sheduler
MNU Convert
Anywhere Personal Database Server
Network Adapter Speed Configuration
PC Anywhere Web Remote
Removal Tool
Ghost 10 Support Tools
Ghost 8.2
Ghost Explorer 8.2
PQ Boot 8
Partition Info
Partition Table Editor 8
Ghost All Snap Shot
BootExecutable Registery Reader
Interactive SQL
Ghost Cast Server 8.2
PT Calc
Restore MBR
Volume Editor
Boot Magic
Ghost Boot Wizard
Recovery Point Browser
Recovery Point Wizard

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Project Management CBT Nuggets will help all program managers in mastering art of managing a project. Program Management provides guidelines for managing programs within an organization. It defines program management and related concepts,describes the program management life cycle and outlines related processes. aims to provide a detailed understanding of program management and promote efficient and effective communication and coordination among various groups. With its ability to help assess the variety of factors linking projects under one program and provide the best allotment of resources between those projects. The target audience for this standard includes: senior executives, portfolio managers, program managers, project managers and their team members, members of a project or program management office, managers of program managers and project managers, customers and other stakeholders, educators, consultants, trainers and researchers.

It benefits management, stakeholder management, program governance, and how these three themes are indispensable to successful program management. The terms program and program management have been in widespread use for some time and have come to mean many different things. Some organizations and industries refer to ongoing or cyclical streams of operational or functional work as programs. The recognized disciplines of operational or functional management address this type of work; therefore, this form of program is out of the scope of this standard. Program management is the centralized coordinated management of a program to achieve the program’s strategic benefits and objectives. In addition, it allows for the application of several broad management themes to help ensure the successful accomplishment of the program. These themes are: benefits management, stakeholder management, and program governance.Programs and projects deliver benefits to organizations by enhancing current or developing new capabilities for the organization to use. A benefit is an outcome of actions and behaviors that provides utility to stakeholders. Benefits are gained by initiating projects and programs that invest in the organization’s future. Programs,like projects, are a means of achieving organizational goals and objectives, often inthe context of a strategic plan.

Download all 2 parts in same folder and extract part 1 in new folder to join both split parts.

Rar Part 1

Rar Part 2

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