Aladdin is a game based upon the Disney animated classic by the same name. This is a pretty old game and the graphics are very good even though they are strictly two dimensional. The game contains very simple run and gun (slice) gameplay. It is pretty much a simple platform game where you must slice and dice your enemies (or hit them with apples) while avoiding getting hit or falling from the level. The enemies in the game are very repetitious except for the certain bosses.It also contains a bonus level where you must escape a wave of lava on your trusty magic carpet. The plot of the game runs very smoothly in parallel to the movie. There are a few parts where the game takes some side paths from the movie, however this is an added touch to the game.The sounds and music of the game greatly match what is going on during the game. The sounds are pretty repetitious but the music is very different for each level. However, the music may become very annoying if you stay on the same level for two long. The most notorious level for this would have to be the Genie's lamp. There are many strange things that you must do in the Genie's lamp and the level (for me at least) took longer than most of the other ones. The music during that particular level is really upbeat and exciting. It doesn't take long for that to get old and annoying.

There is a decent number of Easter eggs hidden throughout the game. You just have to look high and low to find these hidden treasures. However, when found, these Easter eggs help you on your quest to beat Jafar and rescue the princess. Gameplay gets repetitious after a while, but there are always new puzzles to look forward to and a tougher challenge to look ahead to.
When I was younger I absolutely adored this game. I used to play it all the time and loved every single minute of it. After seeing it on this website I can't wait to reacquaint myself with this wonderful classic game. For the time period in which it was created I would have to give this game an 8/10. I have always enjoyed and always will enjoy this game.

This game is amazing on every platform it has ever been on. It is basically the movie in video game form, taking the player through just about all of the landmarks from the film. You start in Agra bah where you have to get past all the guards by throwing apples at them. You have to climb to the rooftops and (I believe) collect the scarab pieces before advancing to the next level. Many of the levels follow suit. There are some bonus levels where you can win extra lives.
It is a great game for kids. I say this because I played it as a kid on Sega Genesis. I found it to be pretty awesome, and my brothers agreed. We all got pretty into it. Some of the levels can get to be pretty grueling, especially the dungeon level. There are some bricks that pop in and out of the wall that can be no fun if you don't jump at the right time.

Oh, and keep an eye on the camels in the desert levels. There are some tricks with those. One is that if you jump on it x amount of times you get a free life. Another, if you have the right timing, will hit a baddy and relieve him of his pants to reveal heart printed boxers. You can also see his boxers if you attack him at the right time. He would be the little fat one, not the big muscular one. Also in the desert, watch out for baddies trying to stab you from under the sand. And in Agra bah, don't step on the hot coals.

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