This game is so great, I remember playing it as a child, if anybody has any sense of appreciation for gaming, I highly recommend that you download and play it.I’m a bit older than the age when I first played this game, but I have to say I love it.I like the cool sound effects in the game, especially with Simba. The background music is calming and soothing, almost as if you have warped into the game itself. The game is pretty easy to play and it will keep you entertained for hours on end, but I have to say it isn’t your usual early childhood game genre in terms of difficulty. In fact, I spent quite a bit of time on some part of the game. Nonetheless it is challenging and you will have loads of fun playing it. The game itself has links to the movie, but I would like to see more connection with other characters like SCAR, TIMONE, PUMBA and that Baboon dude.

This game was essentially created for an audience of ages probably between early childhood and perhaps to early teens. However as mentioned above I am far from that age and yet I am still captivated by this game. I think in terms of improvement I would like to hear, "The circle of life" after finishing the game. Although this is great in every sense of the word, the game lacks in some areas. These areas are not of great concern though, I’m talking about freezing during gameplay and sometimes whilst you are during gameplay I feel as though the graphics might need some tuning. However we must take into consideration the advancements in technology and graphics and this time and age, the lion king is absolutely awesome. I personally think that Simba should be able to move in other manners, apart from the jump and the roll that is inherently transcribed into the game. Perhaps something like full combat with enemies and alike. There should be a little more interaction between the world and Simba himself. I would of like to jump on trees and branches and alike. The team has done a wonderful job in creating a game set on the benchmark of Disney productions. This game has been a favourite of mine and of many, many others I guarantee you. Have Fun people and enjoy this great DOS game.

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