This free ebook is a great handbook for UNIX users and administrators.UNIX end-users desperately need an up-to-date reference guide with real depth: one that teaches UNIX commands and doesn’t just list them! In UNIX User’s Handbook, Second Edition, best-selling UNIX author Marty Poniatowski covers every topic UNIX users need to master—with exceptional clarity and practical, real-world examples. Part I brings together thorough coverage of virtually every key aspect of day-to-day UNIX operation and end-user administration. Part II presents an in-depth programming reference. Part III covers every leading option for Windows interoperability.

You’ll find fast, easy answers for all this and more:

* Getting started: login, mail, Internet access, and key UNIX file management commands

* All basic UNIX commands and a complete UNIX file system overview (cd, cp, file, ls, mv, pwd, rm, rmdir, cut, paste, split, sort, diff, and more)

* Key UNIX tools—including in-depth coverage of find, vi, find, grep, sed, and awk

* Shells and shell programming: Bash, Korn, and C

* Full programming section—including a NEW user-centered introduction to C/C++ and Java

* End-user administration: processes, startup, shutdown, users/groups, backup, software management, printing, and more

* Networking and Internet protocols

* UNIX/Windows interoperability: Samba, X Window, NFS, Posix, Windows 2000 Services for UNIX, and other alternatives

* Performance and monitoring

This new edition has been updated throughout and redesigned for even faster, easier access to information. Whatever your experience, whatever UNIX version you use, you won’t find a more useful reference!

The in-depth UNIX guide for every end-user: completely updated and full of examples!

* For every key UNIX platform: practical examples, real depth!

* Covers all basic UNIX commands, plus sed, grep, awk, vi, and more

* Complete shell programming coverage—plus NEW programming section covering C/C++, Java(tm), and Internet development

* KornShell, Bash, C Shell, and Shell Programming

* Windows interoperability, in depth: Samba, NFS, Windows 2000 Services for UNIX, and much more

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