Learn SAP in just 24 days at home.The perfect reference for end-users (accounting clerks, sales reps, shipping and receiving clerks, human resources employees, etc.) who merely use SAP as a tool to get their job done. Much of the coverage is aimed at "immediate" material so that end-users can get back to work on their job functions with the SAP software. Chapters on navigation, integration with Microsoft Office, reporting, business process, and performing common tasks will jump start you into getting work done, and accomplishing more immediately.
This is the only intro book available on SAP R/3. The book is on the way of getting outdated. The screen shots in the book and Real life screen shots (SAP 4.6 C or D) differ a lot. From this book, one does not learn much except navigation of SAP's various modules. It also gives some basic ideas abt using SAP system. This book is aimed at the end user and not for wannabe SAP Consultant.

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