This free ebook details Redhat Securing & Optimizing Linux technology.If you want to take advantage of Linux’s versatility as a server operating system, and do it in the most secure and efficient manner, you can find no better book than this one. In addition to operating system configuration there are many chapters individually dedicated to installing and configuring specific Linux server applications such as Sendmail, SQL server, Apache, BIND, and many more.As an NT Administrator I have read many Linux books trying to bridge my NT knowledge to the Linux and Unix world, this book is by far the best.Most of the Linux books I have read before tell you what to do to administer a Linux server, but they assume that you know how to do it. Gerhard Mourani tells you in detail what to do, how to do it, and why to do it. I have learned a great deal not only about Linux server applications, but about the Linux operating system itself.

Ebook Contents :-

Part I Installation-Related Reference

Chapter 1 Introduction to Linux

Chapter 2 Installation of your Linux Server

Part II Security and Optimization-Related Reference

Chapter 3 General System Security

Chapter 4 General System Optimization

Chapter 5 Configuring and Building a secure, optimized Kernels

Part III Networking-Related Reference

Chapter 6 TCP/IP Network Management

Chapter 7 Networking Firewall

Chapter 8 Networking Firewall with Masquerading and Forwarding support

Part IV Software-Related Reference

Chapter 9 Compiler Functionality

Chapter 10 Securities Software (Monitoring Tools)

Chapter 11 Securities Software (Network Services)

Chapter 12 Securities Software (System Integrity)

Chapter 13 Securities Software (Management & Limitation)

Chapter 14 Server Software (BIND/DNS Network Services)

Chapter 15 Server Software (Mail Network Services)

Chapter 16 Server Software (Encrypting Network Services)

Chapter 17 Server Software (Database Network Services)

Chapter 18 Server Software (Proxy Network Services)

Chapter 19 Server Software (Web Network Services)

Chapter 20 Optional component to install with Apache

Chapter 21 Server Software (File Sharing Network Services)

Part VI Backup-Related reference

Chapter 22 Backup and restore procedures

Part VII Appendixes

Appendix A Tweaks, Tips and Administration Tasks

Appendix B Obtaining Requests for Comments (RFCs)

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