EMC Avamar Backup & Recovery Administration Video Tutorial.With Avamar, you can achieve new levels of data reduction and enable fast, secure backup for your VMware environments, remote offices, and data center LANs. In the process, you’ll reduce backup time, growth of secondary storage, and network utilization.EMC Avamar Backup and recovery with global,source-based data deduplication.EMC Avamar backup and recovery solutions utilize patented global data deduplication technology to identify redundant data at the source, minimizing backup data before it is sent over the LAN/WAN.Avamar deduplicated backups function like full backups and can be recovered in just one step, without your restoring full backups and subsequent incrementals. In addition, Avamar verifies backup data recoverability—so there are no surprises—and encrypts data for secure electronic backups.

EMC Avamar delivers:

1)Global source-based deduplication.
Reduce daily backup data up to 500x, backup times up to 10x, and total storage up to 50x.
Wide area network (WAN) backups Eliminate the need for local tape infrastructure and enable cost-effective online retention.

2)High availability and reliability.
Achieve fault tolerance across storage nodes and verify data recoverability on a daily basis.
Centralized management Manage multi-site backup-control operations from a single location through an intuitive, Web-based interface.

3)Fast, single-step recovery
Recover data (whole backups, files, or directories) immediately, without restoring your last full and incremental backups.

4)VMware Infrastructure backups
Reduce resource utilization on highly consolidated host servers; support Guest, ESX Service Console, and VCB backups.

5)EMC NetWorker client integration
Blend deduplication capabilities with traditional backup and recovery using a common management interface and backup window.

6)Flexible deployment
Choose between integrated software/hardware, software on certified industry-standard servers, and VMware virtual appliance solutions.

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