SUSE Linux: A Complete Guide to Novell's Community Distribution will get you up to speed quickly and easily on SUSE, one of the most friendly and usable Linux distributions around. From quick and easy installation to excellent hardware detection and support, it's no wonder SUSE is one of the most highly rated distributions on the planet. According to Novell, SUSE is installed more than 7,000 times every day, an average of one installation every 12 seconds.This book will take you deep into the essential operating system components by presenting them in easy-to-learn modules. From basic installation and configuration through advanced topics such as administration, security, and virtualization, this book captures the important details of how SUSE works--without the fluff that bogs down other books and web sites. Instead, readers get a concise task-based approach to using SUSE as both a desktop and server operating system.

In this book, you'll learn how to:-

Install SUSE and perform basic administrative tasks

Share files with other computers

Connect to your desktop remotely

Set up a web server

Set up networking, including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Tighten security on your SUSE system

Monitor for intrusions

Manage software and upgrades smoothly

Run multiple instances of SUSE on a single machine with Xen

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