Facebook is a social networking website. To flesh out this definition a bit more, it’s an online community—a place where people can meet and interact; swap photos, videos, and other information; and generally connect

with friends, family, coworkers, fellow students, fellow hobbyists and enthusiasts, and numerous others in their social network.Facebook connects people within cities or regions, work or school, home or abroad, and

so on. Built on an architecture of profile pages that allow individual users to share information about themselves and communicate with others, Facebook seeks to create an environment in which members log in regularly

to keep track of what friends and colleagues are doing, share their own activities, interact about interests and hobbies, send messages, and join groups and networks—just to name a few things.

In 10 minutes each, you learn the following Facebook tasks and topics:

How to painlessly set up a Facebook account

How to create and manage a profile page, including how to add a profile picture

How to connect with friends and make new ones

How to communicate by messaging, chatting, and posting status updates

How to track what your friends are doing and what they’re up to on Facebook

How to upload photos and videos to share with friends

How to share your common interests and hobbies through groups

How to add applications to get more out of your Facebook experience

How to sell and buy stuff in the Marketplace

How to use Facebook’s mobile features

How to create pages for a professional business or organization

How to keep yourself safe on Facebook

How to conduct yourself on the site and follow Facebook’s terms of service and unspoken etiquette rules

Ebook Contents:-

1 Introduction to Facebook

2 Setting Up a Profile

3 Connecting with Friends

4 Finding Help with Facebook Services and Etiquette

5 Guarding Your Privacy

6 Tracking Wall Postings, News Feeds, and Notifications

7 Communicating Through Facebook

8 Sharing Photos

9 Sharing Videos

10 Joining Groups

11 Tracking Events

12 Adding Applications

13 The Professional Side of Facebook

14 The Facebook Marketplace

15 Making Facebook Mobile

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