This video tutorial describes how to install Win 2003 server IIS & DNS step by step along with secured website installation (https).

Internet Information Services:-

The Internet Information Services (IIS) is Microsoft's addition to the Web server arena. If you are running on a Windows Server system, this might be the best solution for you to implement. It interfaces cleanly with the Windows Server OS, and you are backed by the support and power of Microsoft. The biggest drawback to this Web server is that Windows Server is very expensive. It is not meant for small businesses to run their Web services off, and unless you have all your data in Access and plan to run a solely Web based business, it is much more than a beginning Web development team needs. However, it’s connections to ASP.Net and the ease with which you can connect to Access databases make it ideal for Web businesses.


DNS is very useful and necessary in all functional active directory networks for this reason it is recommended that the server computer where DNS is installed is secured and isolated from radical change. To insure that the server is always available be certain that no one makes changes to the server without testing and backing up the configuration. In most cases a successful backup strategy ensures that in the event of a minor mishap or disaster the configuration can be restored on an alternate system. Do not overlook DNS as complex configurations can be difficult to restore without documentation and prior knowledge of destroyed systems. It is always a good idea to mitigate your risk but splitting the DNS function onto two servers’ one primary and one secondary so that if the one goes down DNS has not lost availability. In terms of integrity you need to ensure that no one but authorized users have access and control over the DNS sever this is important as you do not want your resources abused and miss-configured by intruders that have other plans for you vital naming service. If you are in a high security environment it is essential that this server be locked down as it is an easy target for intruders that want to cause a denial of service on you active directory. It may be a good idea to only let LAN users that are part of the domain to query your DNS server to ensure confidentiality of your naming conventions and other sensitive information.

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