The Server+ credential is the newest certification developed by CompTIA, the Computing Technology Industry Association, and this self-paced training kit provides in-depth exam preparation for IT professionals moving up from entry-level or A+ status. The SERVER+ CERTIFICATION TRAININGKIT delivers a thorough, vendor-neutral study of hardware-related issues in the networked environment, including RAID, SCSI, multiple CPUs, and hot swapping. Service managers, system engineers/administrators, help desk staff, and other mid-level and upper-level technicians can use the kit to build real-world expertise-as they prepare for the corresponding skill areas of the Server+ exam.

Topics include installation, configuration, upgrading, proactive maintenance, environment, troubleshooting, and disaster recovery. The kit is modular and self-paced, with hands-on, skill-building exercises. And the entire book, as well as the Microsoft Encyclopedia of Netowrking is featured on CD-ROM for easy searches and reference.

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