This free ebook details complete networking fundas for network engineers and students. This book is for people aspiring to have careers as network administrators or support technicians who want an objective assessment of their skills, and who would like certification of their accomplishments. The audience for this book ranges from people with little or no actual experience in network administration to individuals who are working in entry-level to intermediate positions in the field. This book can also help you prepare to take the related Network+ Examination NK-N10-001. There are no official prerequisites for taking the Network+ Certification exam or for using this book, but you are expected to be familiar with the workings of personal computers and have at least a basic idea of what a data network is and why it's useful. In some ways, the Network+ Certification exam can be thought of as the next step after CompTIA's A+ Certification examination That exam measures a user's knowledge of personal computers and their qualifications to work as a computer service technician. The A+ Certification exam is not a prerequisite for this self-paced training course, but the knowledge gained in preparing for and taking that exam would certainly help you in your preparation for the Network+ Certification exam. For most individuals entering the computer industry, Network+ Certification is only the first step. Or it can be thought of as the next step after CompTIA's A+ Certification examination, which measures your knowledge of personal computers and your qualifications to work as a computer service technician. Passing the Network+ examination certifies you as possessing the basic knowledge and skills needed to work in the computer networking field. If you are interested in becoming a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE), the Network+ Certification Training Kit provides just the foundation you need to get on your way with confidence.

Ebook Contents:-

Chapter 1 Networking Basics

Chapter 2 Network Hardware

Chapter 3 Network Connections

Chapter 4 Networking Software

Chapter 5 Data-Link Layer Protocols

Chapter 6 Network Layer Protocols

Chapter 7 Transport Layer Protocols

Chapter 8 TCP/IP Fundamentals

Chapter 9 TCP/IP Routing

Chapter 10 TCP/IP Applications

Chapter 11 TCP/IP Configuration

Chapter 12 Remote Network Access,

Chapter 13 Network Security

Chapter 14 Planning the Network

Chapter 15 Installing a Network

Chapter 16 Network Maintenance

Chapter 17 Network Troubleshooting Procedures

Chapter 18 Network Troubleshooting Tools

Chapter 19 Network Troubleshooting Scenarios

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