This free video tutorials describes about using C Sharp or C #.C Sharp is a computer language developed by Microsoft but made available to the general public through international standards. The current release is termed as 3.0. This series of lessons teach C# (3.0) as a computer language, not to be confused with Microsoft Visual C# or any other programming environment that uses C#. To follow these lessons, you should have the ability to create, compile, and execute console applications. You can use the .NET Framework that includes the csc.exe compiler but, as an alternative, you can (should) use Microsoft Visual C# 2008 Professional or you can use Microsoft Visual C# 2008 Express Edition that you can freely download from the Microsoft website.

C#, pronounced c sharp, is a computer language used to give instructions that tell the computer what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. This is a universal language that is used on many operating systems, including Microsoft Windows. C# is one of the languages used in the Microsoft .NET Framework. The Microsoft .NET Framework is a library of objects that create or draw things on the computer. The C# language is used to create applications that display on a black window referred to as the DOS prompt or DOS window. Those are the types of applications we will create in our lessons.Although C# is derived from the C programming language, it has features such as garbage collection that allow beginners to become proficient in C# more quickly than in C or C++. Similar to Java, it is object-oriented, comes with an extensive class library, and supports exception handling, multiple types of polymorphism, and separation of interfaces from implementations. Those features, combined with its powerful development tools, multi-platform support, and generics, make C# a good choice for many types of software development projects: rapid application development projects, projects implemented by individuals or large or small teams, Internet applications, and projects with strict reliability requirements.

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