The Linux LPIC-2 Series builds on the Linux knowledge from the LPIC-1 Certification Package by showing how to administer Linux-only and Linux-mixed networks. The videos start with advanced instruction on the Linux kernel, then go on to include samba and NFS servers, mail management, news serving, DNS, web and FTP servers, Linux security and more.Linux servers continue to be deployed at a rapid rate. Companies see Linux systems as a great alternative to other server operating systems because of their performance, stability and low cost. When companies deploy Linux, they want to make sure that the network will be administered by professionals who really know their stuff. One of the best ways to prove your knowledge as a Linux system administrator is through vendor-neutral certification from the Linux Professional Institute.

Instructor Perry Fizzano has years of experience teaching Linux and working with the Linux operating system, and in his words, he "Really loves Linux." His experience and enthusiasm make these videos an excellent resource for learning all about using Linux servers. On top of covering all exam objectives for the LPIC-2 exams 201 and 202, Perry gives you helpful tips and tricks he's picked up through his years of running Linux systems.

LPIC-2 Series Contents :-

- LPIC-2 Series Intro
- The Linux Kernel: Customizing and Compiling
- Boot Loaders and the Boot Process
- Linux Filesystems
- Samba and NFS: Sharing Files across the Network
- System Maintenance
- PERL Scripting
- Troubleshooting Problems in Linux
- Networking in Linux
- The Apache Web Server
- DNS and BIND
- Mail and News
- Network Management
- SSH: Client and Server


Download all 2 parts in same folder and extract part 1 in new folder to join both split parts.

Rar part 1

Rar part 2

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