ISA Server not only shares most of the features and strengths of Proxy Server, but it also builds on them. The result is a scalable, enterprise-ready product that will be widely adopted by many corporations. Although easy to install, ISA Server is also a complex product that requires skill and knowledge to implement properly. It is also a very serious product that plays a critical role in your network infrastructure. ISA Server is not the kind of product you set up on your production network to play with or take lightly. Nor is it the kind of product that is necessarily easy to use or implement; it is certainly not the kind of product that is going to give you everything you want simply by virtue of having it installed and connected to your network.

CBT Contents:-

01. Introduction to ISA Server.

02. Pre-Install Planning and Installation.

03. ISA Server Management and Client Configuration.

04. Understanding and Configuring Policy Elements.

05. Creating Rules and Using Authentication.

06. Configuring Caching.

07. Designing and Configuring Virtual Private Networking.

08. ISA Firewalls Part 1: Server Security & Firewall Design.

09. ISA Firewalls Part 2: Packet and Application Filters.

10. Publishing Part 1: Overview and Web Publishing.

11. Publishing Part 2: Publishing and H.323

12. Monitoring and Reporting.

13. Enterprise Strategies Part 1: ISA Server Arrays.

14. Enterprise Strategies Part 2: Scaling ISA Server.

15. Optimization and Integration.

Download all 2 parts in same folder and extract part 1 in new folder to join both split parts.

Rar Part 1

Rar Part 2

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