Sun Solaris 10 is the latest version of the enterprise network operating system developed by Sun Microsystems. Solaris 10 is now free for all users, making it just as accessible as competing, “free”UNIX-style systems, such as Linux, and pay-per-seat systems such as Microsoft Windows.Each chapter in this book provides a concise overview of the technologies that comprise Solaris 10, a review of the typical operations used for installation and configuration, worked examples, and a command reference.This reference is divided into six parts that cover all of the tactical activities associated with Solaris 10 system administration. The sections are roughly ordered by complexity and timeline—for example, you need to install a system and application software before implementing security plans and setting up logical volumes, usually in preparation for deployment of enterprise applications into a networked environment.


Part I Installation

1 Introduction to Solaris 10

2 System Concepts and Choosing Hardware

3 Solaris 10 Installation

4 Initialization, OpenBoot PROM, and Run Levels

Part II System Essentials

5 Installing Software, Live Upgrade, and Patching

6 Text Processing and Editing

7 Shells, Scripts, and Scheduling

8 Process Management

Part III Security

9 System Security

10 File System Access Control

11 Role-Based Access Control

12 Users, Groups, and the Sun Management Console

13 Kerberos and Pluggable Authentication

Part IV Managing Devices

14 Device and Resource Management

15 Installing Disks and File Systems

16 File System and Volume Management

17 Backup and Recovery

18 Printer Management

19 Pseudo File Systems and Virtual Memory

20 System Logging, Accounting, and Tuning

Part V Networking

21 Basic Networking

22 DHCP and NTP

23 Routing and Firewalls

24 Remote Access

25 Internet Layer (IPv6)

Part VI Services, Directories, and Applications

26 Network File System and Caching File System

27 Sendmail

28 Domain Name Service

29 Network Information Service (NIS/NIS+)

30 Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)

31 Samba

32 Application Development and Debugging

33 Web Applications and Services

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