This free study guide explains Windows server 2008 security features and implementations.Get the definitive reference for planning and implementing security features in Windows Server 2008 with expert insights from Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) and the Windows Server Security Team at Microsoft. This official Microsoft RESOURCE KIT delivers the in-depth, technical information and tools you need to help protect your Windows® based clients, server roles, networks, and Internet services. Leading security experts explain how to plan and implement comprehensive security with special emphasis on new Windows security tools,
security objects,security services,user authentication and access control,network security,
application security,Windows Firewall,Active Directory security,group policy, auditing and patch management.

Book Contents:-

Chapter 1 “Subjects,Users,and Other Actors”

Chapter 2 “Authenticators and Authentication Protocols”

Chapter 3 “Objects: The Stuff You Want”

Chapter 4 “Understanding UAC”

Chapter 5 “Windows Firewall”

Chapter 6 “Services”

Chapter 7 “Group Policy”

Chapter 8 “Auditing”

Chapter 9 “Designing Active Directory Domain Services for Security”

Chapter 10 “Implementing Active Directory Certificate Services”

Chapter 11 “Securing Server Roles”

Chapter 12 “Patch Management”

Chapter 13 “Managing Security Dependencies to Secure Your Network”

Chapter 14 “Securing the Branch Office”

Chapter 15 “Small Business Considerations”

Chapter 16 “Securing Server Applications”

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